Miss Vietnam Canada is an annual beauty pageant held in Canada that showcases the talents, beauty, and intelligence of young Vietnamese-Canadian women. The contest promotes Vietnamese culture and the integration of Vietnamese-Canadians into Canadian society. The participants go through a rigorous selection process, including a talent showcase and interviews.

The winner is chosen based on her intellect, communication skills, beauty, and poise, and is expected to represent the Vietnamese-Canadian community at local events and festivals. The pageant promotes self-confidence, leadership, and public speaking skills. It provides a platform for young Vietnamese-Canadian women to showcase their talents and highlight the contributions of their community to Canadian society.

Miss Vietnam Canada helps to celebrate the diversity and multiculturalism of Canada. Its participants inspire others to break down barriers and embrace their cultural heritage while embarking on exciting new adventures. The event plays an important role in promoting cross-cultural understanding and encouraging young people to become positive ambassadors for their communities.